Story Structure – Resolution

How do you end it?

The story, I mean. I know the world is a pretty messed up place, right now, but it’s ending the story I’m talking about. Relax.

It’s all a big circle. As you arc through Acts One, Two and Three, it’s good to end back where you started, a resolution that ties neatly back to the beginning. It can be a physical link (opening and closing scene at the same physical location) or emotional link (a tearing apart at the open of your story pairing up with an emotional coming together at the end).

Once you know how your story is going to open, take a couple of days and write the scene that closes your story, even if it’s just in point form. having that ending in the back or your mind while you plow through the body of your story will allow you to add the little elements throughout needed to organically get there.

You have taken out the main villain at this point. Use the resolution to tie up the final threads and if you’re writing a series, maybe add a tease for the next book in line.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s the tail end of Act Three. The story is finished. Wrap it in a bow. Have some fun with it.



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