The Second Plot Point – The Home Stretch

The transition between the end of Act Two and the beginning of Act Three is the Second Plot Point. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a little bit of story that is still needed before we wade into Act Three. Act Two will be tailing off by now, and our hero is in the […]

Pinch Points – #BreakingBad

There are two points in your story that should be subtle reminders of 1) the size of the threat the hero has to face and 2) the lengths/depths/heights the hero will go to win. These are, respectively, the first and second Pinch Point. Structurally they are located roughly midway between the First Plot Point and […]

The First Plot Point

This is, without a doubt, the most important scene in your story. This scene needs to take your protagonist out of their status quo and commit them to the rest of the story arc. Without this scene, you have no story. A brief word on semantics. Some call this the inciting incident. Some call it […]