Batteries Not Included

Coming September 1st, 2021, “Batteries Not Included” is the inaugural book in the Nick Harding series.

Nick is a Sydney-based PI trying to eke out a career after fifteen boring years in the Financial Crimes division of the Australian Federal Police.


“Batteries Not Included” will be available as both eBook and trade paperback at all of your favourite e-tailers.

And check our publisher’s page on Netgalley in August to get your hands on an early review copy.

Number Fifteen

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Number Fifteen

“The McGinnis Investigations family is thrown into turmoil when one of their own is left, broken bloody and near death, at their doorstep. He was supposed to be on personal leave.

The team drops all of their cases as what started as a personal quest blows out to a battle with one of the most dangerous adversaries they’ve ever faced.

It’s all hands on deck, with twenty-two innocent lives on the line.”